Guess Who’s Back? Nokia 8110 4G

When I was asked to review the Nokia 8110 4G I thought it was a bit of a joke. I mean, they wanted me to review a phone from over 20 years ago? Would it even work! But then it was revealed the Nokia 8110 has returned in a modern format. It was like bringing a little bit of history back. Nostalgic or what?

It was first released in 1996 and was what we’d now refer to as a ‘brick’. It was big and chunky, but it was pretty special at the time. It was the phone featured in the Matrix in 1999 which obviously gave it the seriously cool factor.

Guess Who’s Back? Nokia 8110 4G

By the time I started using Nokias they were at the top of the top. The Snake game was basically the best game in the world and no matter what you threw at a Nokia it didn’t break. I remember my phone getting run over by a car once and still surviving. That wouldn’t happen these days would it? Drop an iPhone once and bang – £100 screen replacement please!

Well, the new 8110 4G is here. A modern take on the vintage (can we say that?) 8110. It’s now known as the banana phone because it also comes in bright yellow and is pretty much the same as the original but with a few modern twists. It’s robust, reliable and guess what – snake is back! Well, it’s back but in a modern format. Think colour, extra levels and hidden twists. It’s your old classic but with a modern twist.

Guess Who’s Back? Nokia 8110 4G

This slide phone is basic but so good. If you’re someone that just wants the basics and wants them to be good, this is for you. It has a camera (not front facing camera though so forget the selfies). It is Bluetooth compatible so you can share your music out loud and has access to the Internet. So you can use things like Google Maps and listen to the radio. It doesn’t have access to the hundreds of apps you might be used too, but it’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want all that stuff. It has Twitter and YouTube if you fancy it. But on such a small screen it’s kind of not worth it.

This really is a phone for someone who just wants the basics wants to physically feel the buttons of a phone but who still wants it to look and feel good. With the odd bit of internet goodness thrown in if you want a little bit of entertainment occasionally, the Nokia 8110 4G is a definitely stocking filler for so many people.